Colorfilter Creative Resources & Inspiration is currently offline for a large maintenance and a complete site overhaul. At this moment, I do not have a specific date for when the site will go back up, but I'm hoping to have it online again by May 2013.

In the meantime, please feel free to drop by the new Colorfilter Facebook Page. It isn't very active for now, but it will be the best way to reach me or get notified for when the site goes back up. :)

♥ Téa P.


ETA: Needing the textures?

Due to requests and the fact that some of my textures have been offline for quite some time now, I've uploaded a couple of bulk packs via FB fans for those who wants/needs them while the site is down. It's a temporary option that will be available until this site goes back up. All other resources (other textures, brushes, patterns, etc.), will be available again once the site is relaunched. Go directly to Colorfilter's FB to grab them.

Pack #1: 40 sets of 100x100 icon textures (1000+ total)

40 sets of icon textures

Pack #2: 30 miscellaneous textures, mostly 800x600

30 misc. large textures

Any questions or problems, feel free to comment on FB and let me know. Enjoy!